The GM Diet Plan Explained – Does It Really Work?

If you had the chance to lose 10 pounds in just seven days, would you go for it no matter what it takes? This is exactly what the GM diet has been proven to do, cleansing your body of unwanted toxins and body fat and allowing you to journey towards the start of a healthier and fitter life through 7 days of diet.

An Overview of the GM Diet

The name definitely sounds familiar, considering the fact that this diet is named after the famous automotive brand. Surprising as it may be, this is actually because of the fact that this diet plan is the brainchild of General Motors as they hoped to keep their employees in shape all the time.

Where other diet forms control your weekly food consumption, the GM diet is more of a daily diet routine. The GM diet plan does not just allow you to lose weight, it also helps you cleanse your body by eating nothing but the kind of foods specifically designed to do just that. Although the diet’s primary purpose is to help people lose weight, others have actually made it a cleansing ritual, going through the entire cycle once every few months just to make sure that they keep their entire system clean.

Does the GM Diet Work?

Based on GM diet reviews, it does seem to be quite an effective way to lose 10 pounds or more in just a week, as long as the entire GM diet plan is followed to the letter. Other diet plans allow you to lose a pound each week, but the GM diet plan promises faster and more astounding results.

Of course, all these results will not be as amazing without the extra challenge. Especially for those who have gotten used to eating unhealthy food their entire lives, diving straight into a strict plan like the GM diet could be quiet overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. The meat servings are vastly reduced, and almost every recommended food on the diet plan consists of fruits and vegetables, mostly eaten raw.

Going into the diet will also make you feel tired and weak physically, considering the incredible change in the amount and type of food eaten. This is why a ten-minute exercise routine each day is highly recommended to keep the blood going and help the body’s metabolism speed up.

Preparing for the GM Diet Plan

With the amount of change that 7 days of diet will bring into your system, it is better to be ready for anything. Expect that you’ll be sweating a lot, and will be feeling pangs of hunger and be noticeably weaker especially during the first few days.

Prepare your mind and your body for all this by staying hydrated. A strict 8 to 10 glasses a day should be followed, because the GM diet will definitely have your body requiring a lot of extra water to keep your metabolism and energy up. Only water will be able to regulate the weakness, muscle pain, and increased body heat that comes with the diet.

Alcohol is a definite no-no, as this does not only cause you to become dehydrated, it also makes your body retain fluids, preventing you from losing as much weight as possible despite the diet plan.

Possible Side Effects of the GM Diet Plan

No diet plan is without side effects, and you will definitely see GM diet reviews made by people who felt the brunt of it all.

Sudden muscle weakness is one common side effect, especially for the first couple of days. This is because of the sudden lack in protein in your diet. Of course, your body will also start adjusting, and once it has gotten used to using the nutrients coming into your body as its sole source of energy, things will ease up a bit.

Those who undergo the diet also have to expect that frequent feeling of thirst and dehydration. Imagine eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, any GM diet soup, and water. The body will definitely start maximizing every drop of fluid within your system as it tries to foster your body’s metabolic processes. This is why it is advisable to take in even more water than you usually drink before and through the entire process.

As the body gets used to the diet, it is also expected that you may feel headache or malaise. Some of these side effects are also psychosomatic however, because your mind may be craving incessantly for something that would not be allowed in the GM diet plan.

If you feel that the GM diet plan is too much for you, then you could always try out other diet plans before going for the intense requirements of the GM diet. You can start out with simpler regimens like using honey and cinnamon for weight loss, or you could try something that has more to do with your mind and spirit mostly, such as meditation techniques used for weight loss.

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