Astral Projection, Guide Experiences and Techniques – Learn Here!

Astral Projection

Astral Projection is ones experience outside the physical body and exploring the world within the Astral Plane. Many people have said to reach this Astral state during near death experiences or fatel illnessess. It is still possible to learn and practice these techniques on how to Astral Project at will.

Best Practices on How To Astral Project

Astral Projection Techniques Are as Followed.

Step 1. Practice Mornings

When trying to Astra travel a good tip is to do it in the morning as soon as your consciousness awakes you. It is said that your peak state of heightened awareness and relaxation are at around dawn hours.

Tip: If you practice Astral Projection – Best results in the morning.

Step 2. Eliminate Distractions

Getting into the right state fro Astral Projection requires deep relaxation. Make sure where you wish to Astral Project is a comfortable setting and nothing in the area is going to distract. Make yourself utterly comfortable, nothing annoying you; eliminate noises, TVs, Cell phones, laptops, computers. No EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies) in the room. Turn everything off so you can just  lie on your bed or sofa and let your mind be free and relaxed with the body.

  • Best practices are if you are alone and no one else in the room.
  • Make sure you Eliminate distractions, any interruptions will effect the state of relaxation.

Step 3. Comfortably Lie Down

Lie down comfortably on your back, you want to close your eyes and pay attention to nothing but how your body feels and is reacting to being so comfortable. As you are concentrating on this try and eliminate all thoughts out of the head and purely concentrate on the hear and now the presence of yourself just lying down on the bed completely relaxed.

You now want to flex your muscles repeatedly and loosen them again start at the base of the feet, work with your toes and slowly start working your way up to the head. Make sure every muscle is completely relaxed when you are finished. Now, breathe deeply, and exhale completely, relieve tension from your shoulders and chest and completely relax. Focus on your breath, don’t think of any worries or stress you may be having on the outside. focus with and on breath whilst sinking into relaxation.

Techniques on Astral Projection

Astral Projection Guide

First you will want to reach a hypnotic state aka (the hypnagogic state) which you reach just before you go to sleep but you are still somewhat aware of your body.

To do this you want to be in a calm like state with your eyes closed, concentrate on breath and let your mind wander off to a part of the body like a hand or toe, here you want to focus on the Astral Projection will occur only when you are on the edge of sleep and consciousness..

With your eyes closed

 Astral Projection Guide!

Astral Projection can bring you to complete harmony and satisfactory, Check out some Lucid Dreaming Techniques


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